Cap table management for global companies

Digitize your error-prone cap table to accurately track and manage dynamic shareholding from inception till date. Seamlessly manage your cross-border entities in a single dashboard!

Cap table management for global companiesCap table management for global companies
Cap table management for global companies

Managing equity for 350+ companies


A powerful cap table management software for your equity

Single source of truth

Single source of truth

Aggregate your entire cap table & securities data in EquityList to accurately manage & track your ownership structure

Integrated with stock options

Integrated with stock options

Easily manage your cap table as it becomes dynamic & complex with stock option exercises 

Be fundraising ready

Be fundraising ready

Provide your investors & auditors with EquityList access to verify all the data they need for due-diligence

Track & issue securities

  • Store minutest details of your share classes & certificates to accurately visualize your cap table
  • Issue digital share certificates & dematerialize securities with ease 
  • Attach relevant share class and fundraising documents for each security for better tracking
Track & issue securities
Historical transactions of Cap Table

Historical transactions

  • Keep a comprehensive record of all your historical transactions such as secondaries, conversions, stock splits & trace your cap table across different fundraising rounds
  • Download historical reports and share them with your shareholders and auditors with ease

Model fundraising scenarios

  • Easily run multiple and complex fundraising simulations on your cap table to visualize equity dilution and exit outcomes
  • Share pro-forma cap table views with your incoming investors
Model fundraising scenarios
Dashboard & data rooms for cap tables and certificates

Dashboard & data rooms

  • Provide your investors with secure dashboards and data rooms to seamlessly share investment documents, cap table views, share certificates and more
  • Customize data room restrictions and track document-level analytics

Valuation exercises

  • Conduct valuation exercises powered by registered valuers and merchant bankers in a matter of a few clicks
  • Our seasoned appraisers understand your business and ensure that your valuation reports are accurate and audit-proof
Valuation exercises

Multi-entity management simplified

Multi-entity shareholding management simplified
  • Easily manage complex shareholding among multiple entities through a single dashboard
  • Manage cross-border equity transactions
  • Structure put-call agreements across entities to visualize dilution
  • Multi-currency support enabled
  • Designed for global companies to track & store securities with ease


Our customers are our biggest fans!

Equitylist streamlined previously arduous tasks such as managing cap tables. One of the standout features was the transparency it provided to our employees and stakeholders. Its reporting capabilities allowed us to provide clear insights during investor updates and board meetings, fostering trust and enhancing communication.

Rupal Rajal
Head HR

We came across EquityList in 2020 and have been using it since then. With every financing round, it gets cumbersome for a startup to manage all the share certificates, valuation certificates, etc. EquityList provides a productivity suite that allows us to maintain a single repository of all data and documents for seamless operations!

Revant Bhate
Co-Founder & CEO

Through a dashboard, EquityList gives us a clear bird’s eye view of the complete cap table, ownership, dilution, and valuation trends, thus, saving us time of referring to SHA every time for cap table. The most amazing parts about EquityList include full control over the cap table through dashboards and detailed shareholding.

Deepanshu Arora
Co-founder and CEO

From promptly addressing our queries to providing regular updates on plan performance, EquityList’s communication style fosters a sense of transparency and trust. The workshops and resources you offer have helped bridge knowledge gaps and ensure that everyone involved has a clear understanding of the benefits and implications of the stock options plan.

Akshay Jain
Senior Manager

Since 2020, the EquityList team and their software have helped us streamline and automate some of our most crucial financial aspects like the ESOP management, grants, and reports. We strike a chord with this team as we both focus on creating great user experiences.

Mikami Chandrasekaran
Associate Director- People Operations

After raising series B, managing our ESOPs and cap table on Excel became tough and inefficient, and we wanted to digitize it. We found EquityList as one of the best tools available. We could get this setup done quickly and get used to it with its easy-to-use interface. I will highly recommend to folks struggling with managing cap-table and ESOPs for employees.

Saurabh Gupta
CEO and CoFounder

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Why do we need cap table management software?

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Can EquityList help with valuation?

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Can I view a historical version of my cap table in EquityList?

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Can we manage Convertible Notes / CCDs / SAFEs in EquityList?

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Can we issue securities to our shareholders through EquityList?

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Can we run hypothetical simulations on our cap table in EquityList?

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