Audit-ready valuation
report in 5 days

Get company and options valuation reports for India, Singapore, and the US (409A) directly from EquityList. Keep yourself compliant and audit-ready with reports in data rooms!

Audit-ready valuation report in 5 days

Managing equity for 350+ companies


Accurate and affordable valuation reports in 5 days!

Simplified and fast

Simplified and fast

Stop juggling between multiple vendors. Fill out basic details about your business, fetch the rest from EquityList & get your report within 5 days

Seasoned appraisers

Seasoned appraisers

EquityList has partnered with expert appraisers with years of experience to ensure reliable & high-quality valuation reports

Compliance ready

Compliance ready

Be fundraising ready with an updated valuation report to ensure a seamless due-diligence & audit review. Issue stock options stress-free with an updated 409A

For the US

Get your 409A valuation report directly through the platform from EquityList’s team of experts and partners

For India

Get your valuation report through a registered valuer or a merchant banker, depending on your requirement

Financial year valuation report
Options valuation report

Options valuation

Get your options valuation report based on the Black-Scholes Model (BSM) to accurately value your stock options

Integrated data

Fetch existing shareholder and cap table information directly from your EquityList account. Share your updated valuation reports with investors via data rooms


Our customers are our biggest fans!

We wanted to ensure that the real pillars of growth for us - our employees- are rewarded equitably. EquityList was a no-brainer for us in terms of trust and digitization. The quality of support and onboarding was a superior experience. We see this being one of the most important platforms that companies will have to use going forward.

Jagadeesan Kumar
CFO and Head, Corporate Development

As a growing company, managing equity and ownership structures had become a complex and time-consuming challenge. Equitylist saved us not only time but also minimized the risk of errors that often accompany manual processes. What truly sets it apart is the exceptional support- from onboarding to ongoing- by the team, their dedication to ensuring our success was evident.

Rupal Rajal
Head HR

EquityList has transformed the way we manage equity. EquityList’s sophisticated tools have enabled us to optimise our pool usage, ensuring that remaining stock options are strategically allocated for subsequent grants. In essence, EquityList has elevated our equity management to an entirely new level. It has become an indispensable asset in our equity strategy.

Nilangi Netravalkar
Admin, Operations & Payroll Specialist

EquityList has significantly increased the credibility of ESOPs among our team members, making the ESOPs more tangible by showcasing the potential monetary growth achievable over the long term. It has also considerably reduced operational efforts and provided the People team with a comprehensive view of the ESOPs pool at macro and micro levels.

Shiffana MK
People & Culture

We came across EquityList in 2020, which has since helped us manage our cap table and employee grants in one place. Employees, too, can visualize and easily comprehend the value of their growing stock through their dashboards…EquityList provides a productivity suite that allows us to maintain a single repository of all data and documents for seamless operations!

Revant Bhate
Co-Founder & CEO

We believe in generating wealth for our employees and, therefore, use EquityList to issue multiple grant letters and provide real-time visibility on the valuation updates, which helps boost their confidence and gives them a bird’s-eye view of their impact on the organization's growth. Data analysis and pool utilization views enable us to use the remaining stock option pool effectively!

Kaushal Pawar
Director People & Culture

EquityList helped us transition from managing ESOPs on scattered Google sheets to managing them professionally. We now have a comprehensive grasp of our cap table, as dashboards provide a great overview of shareholders, available options, dilutions, and valuation trends. EquityList makes sharing details with investors and auditors hassle-free, making the process error-free!

Deepanshu Arora
Co-founder and CEO

We have been using EquityList since Nov'20, and it has proven to be a great platform to manage ESOPs. The UX is simple and intuitive for employees and administrators and can be used with little or no training. The platform makes the administrator's job of managing the ESOP pool and reporting pretty easy.Congratulations to the team for building a great product

Bikramjit Singh
Head - Business HR

EquityList enabled us to move from manual to a sophisticated and automated setup for issuing ESOPs. We were able to improve the visibility of our employees into their ESOPs, thus motivating and improving their experience of having equity compensation. EquityList hosted Bizongo’s maiden ESOP buyback program worth $3.7M - and it was one of the most seamless product experiences.

Aarfa Shaikh
Associate Director, People Success

After raising series B, managing our ESOPs and cap table on Excel became tough and inefficient, and we wanted to digitize it. We found EquityList as one of the best tools available. We could get this setup done quickly and get used to it with its easy-to-use interface. I will highly recommend to folks struggling with managing cap-table and ESOPs for employees.

Saurabh Gupta
CEO and CoFounder

From promptly addressing our queries to providing regular updates on plan performance, EquityList’s communication style fosters a sense of transparency and trust. The workshops and resources you offer have helped bridge knowledge gaps and ensure that everyone involved has a clear understanding of the benefits and implications of the stock options plan.

Akshay Jain
Senior Manager

Since 2020, the EquityList team and their software have helped us streamline and automate some of our most crucial financial aspects like the ESOP management, grants, and reports. We strike a chord with this team as we both focus on creating great user experiences.

Mikami Chandrasekaran
Associate Director, People Operations

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