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Our Mission

We are on a mission to empower founders by simplifying equity and creating more liquidity outcomes.

Builders should focus on innovation and growth while we help them navigate the complexities of fundraising, corporate governance, equity issuances, and related compliances.

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AngelList India launches EquityList

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EquityList spins out of AngelList India as an independent business.

We raise our seed capital from AngelList India, Republic, Hustle Fund, Unpopular Ventures and other investors.

Our Origin

EquityList was built within AngelList India to go further upstream in a startup’s life cycle and provide them with the building blocks to manage and model securities and dilution.

Launched in 2018, AngelList India is the leading and most active platform for early-stage investments. It has pioneered innovative venture products and initiatives such as Syndicates, The Collective, and RUVs. AngelList India powers a portfolio of 600+ startups (5 unicorns), 100+ Syndicates, and capital deployment of $250M+.

Since our inception, EquityList has evolved into an operating system for emerging startups and mature businesses to manage and administer equity to thousands of shareholders and employees, productizing cumbersome and error-prone processes so that businesses can scale with ease.

Backed by partners who trust our vision

Angel Investors

Julian Jung
Managing Director

EquityList recognizes the untapped opportunity in emerging markets for equity management. The company has a commitment to streamlining the complexities of cap tables, stock options, and board management through its vision of building a de-facto start-up operating system. We are thrilled to be a part of this journey and help seed growth in such a pivotal space and region.

Shiyan Koh
Co-Founder & General Partner

Equity ownership and the ability to participate meaningfully in the upside of a startup is something that we feel is important to a well-functioning startup and innovation ecosystem. Equitylist is making that possible through their startup OS - issuing, managing, and understanding equity will be easy for all stakeholders (founders, employees, investors, and board members).

Peter Livingston
Founder & General Partner

I love EquityList because they are building critical infrastructure for startups in one of the most populous countries in the world. More startups equals more wealth: in products and services available to customers, in jobs, in investment returns, and in life-changing wealth for the key founders and leaders. EquityList is doing one of the most impactful things to make building startups in India easier.

Jai Sumer Singh
Founding Partner

Equity is the primary way of wealth creation. Surprisingly, the approach to manage and allotting equity has remained outdated, resulting in companies spending more time than they should on compliance and equity management. Equitylist is an OS for all things related to equity, saving precious bandwidth while delivering a great experience to employees.

Utsav Somani

Managing equity is a global challenge with several compliances. EquityList is transforming how equity is set up and managed for modern businesses. We believe this is a multi-billion dollar opportunity, along with EquityList's mission of democratizing technology to impact wealth creation significantly. We are thrilled to be a part of the company's growth for empowering businesses from seed to IPO!


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Akhil Gautam

Product Engineer

Asshvin Kumar

Onboarding Specialist

Bhumika Khatri

Content & Community

Divya Baid

Product Engineer

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Kashish Sharma


Nishita Bais

Onboarding Specialist

Ram Kashyap

Product Engineer

Rishabh Singh

Business & Partnerships

Sahil Talwar

Product Operations

Shaenny Chhabra

Compliance & lEGAL

Shivam Chahar

Product Engineer

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