Announcing our seed round

Today, we are excited to announce EquityList’s seed round of $2.2M from AngelList India, Unpopular Ventures, Republic, Hustle Fund, Mana Ventures, and prominent angel investors.

Equitylist Team

September 18, 2023

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Today, we are excited to announce EquityList’s seed round of $2.2M from AngelList India, Unpopular Ventures, Republic, Hustle Fund, Mana Ventures, and prominent angel investors.

We started as a project within AngelList India in 2020 to build tools for founders to help them manage cap tables and stock options. Since then, EquityList evolved into an operating system for businesses to manage everything equity and shareholder-related. We work with 260+ businesses, managing equity for 3,000+ shareholders, 9,000+ employees, and ~$950M worth of stock options.

Building the operating system for modern equity

We are on a mission to empower founders by simplifying equity and creating more liquidity outcomes. Builders should focus on innovation and growth while we help them navigate the complexities of fundraising, corporate governance, equity issuances, and related compliances.

Ownership is one of the most powerful leverages that businesses have to offer to their investors and employees. An asymmetrical opportunity that allows people to connect with your mission, dedicate themselves to make your company grow, and ultimately lead to exponential outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

As our world converges with technology and businesses go global at warp speed, we at EquityList realized the need to simplify equity and thereby ownership. We want to help businesses make more owners within their organizations, attract investors to fuel their innovation, and continue building trust with utmost transparency and compliance. Geographical compliances and regulations shouldn’t overwhelm you and that’s where we step in.

New beginnings

Early this year, 2023, EquityList decided to operate independently as a standalone business. We assembled a team of rockstars who passionately care about startups and the venture ecosystem. Consistently striving for quick onboarding, great customer experience, and constantly releasing new product features to ensure that our customers can issue thousands of grants or manage hundreds of shareholders in a matter of a few clicks.

Along the way, we partnered with strategic investors who believe in the power of equity and have built and backed inspirational companies globally.

Equity List

Future of equity management

Equity management needs to be reimagined. Founders and teams are much more collaborative, transparent, and ambitious than ever before and the underlying infrastructure that powers their ownership needs to evolve accordingly.

EquityList is already making cross-border operations seamless and scalable for companies based out of India, Singapore, and the US. Our customers are able to manage multiple entities, teams, and global equity compliances with utmost ease. With our full-stack approach, our advisory services assist companies throughout their journey. Moreover, we are constantly building new features to help companies scale from inception to IPO.

We’d like to thank all of our customers who have entrusted us with the great responsibility of managing their equity and allowed us to be an integral part of their journey.

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Team EquityList