Introducing EquityList: Cap Table Management for India

Today, we’re announcing EquityList: cap table management for India.

Equitylist Team

JUNE 24, 2020

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Today, we’re announcing EquityList: cap table management for India. Dozens of venture-backed Indian startups are already using EquityList to manage their cap tables, create stock option programs, and issue grants.

Stop making mistakes

As companies grow, cap tables become complex. Lawyers and accountants try to manage them with spreadsheets that are filled with errors. EquityList brings Indian startups the same caliber of cap table software used by startups in Silicon Valley.

Digital Cap Table
Digital Cap Table

Create stock options programs

We’ve partnered with top legal and finance firms including Nishith Desai, Veritas and Burgeon to create a free document generator for Employee Stock Option Programs. Startups can save hundreds of hours with EquityList’s grant letter generator, e-signatures and automated reporting.

Delight your employees and investors

Employees and investors often have no idea how much they own. EquityList makes it easy for them to value their shares and keep track of key documents. Employees can also use our calculator tool to model the cost of exercising options.